Billy Goat X3000 Hurricane Blower


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X3000 Hurricane Blower

Ideal for medium size maintenance contractors, landscapers, seal coaters, schools, parks departments, cemeteries, resorts, street departments golf courses and estate properties, the Hurricane X3000** takes clean-up productivity to a whole new level. From seamless operating controls, to directional blowing options, robust blowing power and zero-turn maneuverability, the Hurricane X3000 accelerates the clean-up task so more jobs can be completed faster and with less wear on the operator.

Features – 

Patented Quad Control Handle System™:

Offers seamless forward/reverse direction, automatic return to neutral, integrated operator presence control and a self-activating parking brake. Intuitive controls for ease of operation.

Patented Dual Deflector Air Flow System™:

Allows the operator to change the angle of the air flow for deeper, more efficient cleaning of leaves and debris. Air flow can be shut down on all three discharges for transport.

Joy Stick Deflector Control:

Allows the operator quick and easy control of air flow from left, right or forward directions, eliminating the need to blow in reverse. Simply pull-back on the lever to close flow for transport.

LED Lights:

LED lights for night operation makes for easy clean-up when the seasonal change brings less daylight to complete jobs.

Torsion Mounted Front Axle Assembly:

Handles curbs with ease; like they’re not even there.

Ergonomic Operator Platform & Thigh Pad:

Non-skid platform and padded thigh pad offer ease of operation and operator comfort.

Automatic Parking Brake:

Self activates if the need to briefly step off of the machine arises.

Front & Rear Tie Downs:

Offer secure tie-down points for ease of transport.

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